Friday, March 27, 2009

School Pride

School Pride.  The Libby Loggers and the Troy Trojans.  

I think both towns really really wanted to go with the logging theme for their mascot.  Libby must have beat Troy to the punch.  That or it was the alliteration requirement.

The Troy Trojans?  Seems odd to me.  Take a look at the set-jaw line and side-burns on the Trojan mascot, he looks less Grecian than North-Woods lumberjack to me.  Why not the Troy Timbermen?  They would have set themselves up for a more heated rivalry with Libby and fulfilled the alliteration requirement.

They also sell Carhartts, Filson ("may as well have the best"), guns, plush toys, and skateboards.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blacktail Resort

"Blacktail? Why would you ski Blacktail? Nobody skis Blacktail." -Brad Ludden

"Oh, that. Well, that is really just a commuter lift." - Some random local

"Well, we still had fun." -Birddog

"And the views were great." -Em

Em cutting some cord with a great view:

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fernie B.C.

Em drove me up to Fernie, B.C. I want to go back. Amazing scenery. Great terrain. Down home people. Canadian prices (one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, Canadian cheap). Comfortable - unlike Jackson, S.V., or Aspen. And cute Kiwi lifties willing to explain New Zealand terms like Moose Knuckle. Mooose Knuuuuckle!

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Troy Montana: Roosevelt Park

I went for a drive during the only day of sunshine last week. The High School Seniors were stomping it at the local skate park.

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Flat Iron Mountain

Emily and the torpedo dog took me to Flat Iron Mountain last week. Flat Iron is a short drive from LIbby, a short skin in, and short and sweet runs on the way down. Spring is here. Warming temperatures kept us at two runs for the day.

Torpedo Dog:

Looking north to the Yaak River Valley, and Canada beyond:
Rippin' skins
Hell, yes!
All the extra curricular exploration on the way up tuckered Annie out.  She decided to follow Em's cut tracks on the way down.

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Turner Mountaim

Turner Mountain only has one lift. Turner has plenty of vertical descent. Turner is steep.

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