Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another evening at the crow

I had invited the Ybarrondos and Justin out for an evening at the Crow. They were game, but conditions were building from 4 until 6:30 so I decided to have them wait for a more promising evening. Parawaiting is not much fun. After much waiting I did end up with a very short sunset flight around 8:30.

After a near flawless first run with the new camera angle at Melba ridge last week I struggled this evening to get the camera to fly straight. I think a longer retrieve string will solve the problem. Here is the only picture that sort of worked from the evening:

Sunset over the Boise River, smooth, light, steady lift band tonight.

My timing was a little off on the spiral landing. I left a big skid mark in the green spring grass.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Shoshone for Monster

Nic held onto his motivation to complete a spring desert trip with his new boat despite having to push through his 21,583rd cold of the season. Thanks Nic for putting together a fun trip.

I had forgotten how incredibly mind blowing and beautiful..., er, uh, I mean don't ever do the Jarbridge Bruneau River system in southern Idaho! It is dirty, small, log infested, has a brutal portage, the canyon is so narrow that you come home with a kink in your neck from looking up, it is chock full of buzz worms, you won't see any bald eagles or turkey vultures, there are absolutely no good side canyons to hike, you won't see any sheep, it is all flat water, and there is no good wood to burn. Why would you want to do a dirty desert river anyway? Stay home and watch a reality t.v. show, that's what I should have done.


Just outside the Mtn. Home (Sullen Creek?) bombing range Shannon made us get out of the car to check out a post rain-storm desert rainbow.

I would like to do a 3 boat trip next time. More people, more fun, plus it would be nice to have some photos with some boats in them to lend a little perspective and illustrate just how amazing our otherworldly Mini-Grand Canyon of Idaho really is.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Melba Ridge Glass Off

Clancy must be doing something right with his life. After the last final of the 09 BSU spring semester he ridge soared and kited some smooth air out at Melba ridge this evening.

Have a fun summer motoring and soaring Indian Head near Weiser, see you in September.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Team USA X-Alps 2009 - Honza Rejmanek/Dave Hanning

The sole 2009 US Red Bull X-Alps team is pilot Honza Rejmanek and ground support / logistical organizer Dave Hanning. Support team U.S.A. with a donation and be entered to win products from Suunto Watches, Smith Optics, Hammer Nutrition, and others.

The 2009 X-Alps course is a grueling 813K paragliding race. Honza battled a G.I. bug in 2007 that put him more or less out of the race for four days. Once back on his feet Honza had an incredible push, placing in the top 10. Watch the race this summer via live tracking and cheer on team USA.

Honza on Mt. Borah, ID. 2006:

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