Thursday, June 19, 2008

Geertson Cr.

First real flight of the summer today. I got fairly deep into the continental divide.

Calm wind, good lift, a few surges that I was able to control. I look forward to flying with other pilots at some point this summer. I've got a lot to learn. My perception of ground speed and penetration at elevation is off. Watching my gps I was always able to penetrate, but the deeper I got the more I feared I wouldn't make it out.

I miscalculated where I thought I could find lift. No lift in Carmen creek. Clouds formed on the ridge running from town, up through the old dump, towards Geertson Creek. If I were to fly to town, this would be the line to take.

Every time I've flown Geertson Cr. I've flown with a red-tail hawk. No exception today. He headed deeper as I headed out over the valley. Elements for a big flight were all there today, I just wish I had more experience, better understanding of conditions, and other pilots to fly with.

Total air time: 50 min.
Distance: 9 km
start elevation: 2253m
max height: 3579m

Views: in-freaking-credible, Beaverheads, frozen lakes, Ajax Pk., snow, Salmon River Mtns. Lemhis, Lost River, Selway Bitteroots, Montana.

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