Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baldy Knoll Yurt Day-1

Click on the links for Google Earth tracks:

The skin in from Fox Creek Trail Head to the Baldy Knoll Yurt.

Our first run on evening one and the uptrack out.

Weir Crossing:

Huge Hoar Frost Crystals:

Looking back on the valley North of Victor:

Are you sure, you're not crossing into the wilderness area?

Noisy two strokes and Jeremy, Jaime and Paul had to dig one of the less experienced riders out, but I have to admit that they sure look fun, and could access some great skiing.

As we're settling into the yurt a snowmobiler rides up and asks us if we can loan him duct tape to repair a tear in his seat. I tell him we'll trade him duct tape for a tow up the hill.

"I'd love a toke, do you got one?" the beeler-dude asks as he slugs back his tall-boy.

Headed back to the yurt after dark:

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