Friday, November 7, 2008

Leadore to Salmon

After loading his trailer with two boats, frames, coolers, a gunny sack of PBR, and a pile of dry bags Jim Schatz screwed on the tailgate to secure the load.

Salmon feels like two states away when you have to make the 5 hour commute from Boise. The short hop from Pocatello to Salmon surprises me every time I drive that route.

I never made it out to Leadore while in Salmon this summer, so the drive from Pocatello to Salmon felt extra special. The desert rolls out in front of you in long straight sections connected by gradual kinks and bends.

The kite skiing opportunities here seem fantastic. Juan? Juan Verde? I told you this last year, I'll tell you again, you need to buy a kite. Think of the skiing you could access, but then again you do have a sled. OK, if nothing else, run support for me, I want to kite cross country from the desert to Leadore to Salmon. Could it be done? Pray for snow, wait for wind.

We drank an obligatory brew in the Owl Club. New management leased the joint in Ocotober and it was actually a fun place to be again. The bar was clean, the floor swept, the servers offered up plates of pulled pork and they actually smiled. Local Griz fans watched a U of M ball game. I chatted with a couple up from California on an elk hunt - she had yet to fill her tag, he had dug toilets and packed trash out of Middle Fork camps in the early sixties, then retired to a smoke jumping career.

Have I ever been through Salmon with out walking in and out of these doors?

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