Thursday, November 6, 2008


It simply happens, whatever "it" happens to be. Very little is planned, randomness is the rule. At least it sometimes feels that way. I never up and decided to one day have friends in Chile, New Zealand, or Pocatello, but by the randomness of high water in 97' that's what happened.


Schatz wouldn't say that randomness had anything to do with me showing up at his house the last week of Ocotober 2008. Schatz would wave his hands, maybe roll his head and say something generous like "Well,good things happen to good people." Never the less it felt like some degree of luck or randomness or chance that found me rigging for a fall steelhead trip at Jim's house.

Look at Jim's life, how he and Kathy met under incredible random chance circumstances. Certainly he wouldn't deny the good fortune that randomness brings to all of us. I would guess that Kathy would rather describe the randomness as more of an alignment of the stars event, destiny.

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