Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 5 US PG Ntls.

Today's task was eventually called because of rain. Most pilots had dirted when the task was called. Once again I was confined to the valley. I broke my second speed bar line of the week today. Follow the jump for more images and a track log you can open with Google Earth.

The Flying Scotsman:

Pine's mother must have had a gut feeling that he would grow into his given name:

Oh, I finally got to use the condom catheter system that Nic Allen helped me put together. I still get stage fright and it takes a little bit to get things flowing, but talk about relief. This new device has made flying more than a couple hours very very enjoyable. I'll admit it is a weird request, but if you want an idea for when July 16 rolls around here you are.

My track log.

Hayden entering the day's task:
Entering routes into the electronics:

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