Saturday, May 2, 2009

Task 6 - last day

After the tour of the Greek Orthodox Monestary we spent about 3 hours on launch waiting for the low cloud base to lift. Many of us thought that the day would be called, and it would have been a fun day to go slack-line with the Jackson boys on some gigantic old growth trees. Eventually base lifted just barely enough to allow pilots to launch and the task committee called a task.

Pretty much everyone struggled all afternoon to stay in the air. Back at the ranch in the evening Nate told stories of flying super light ridge lift for large distances followed by frisbeeing zeros for even longer distances. Translation: Nate is an incredible pilot and managed to turn circles in zero lift that just barely allowed him to coast like a Frisbee, neither sinking nor climbing, to within a few kilometers of goal. Nate's patience won him the task for the day, and certainly the most difficult 300 points of the entire comp.

I landed back at the ranch. Here is my track log.
Ajay and Little Pete waiting for base to lift:

Launch director John Ivey:
Retrieve driver Forrest:
Paragliding's storyteller, Billy:
Paragliding's er, uh, animated party monitor, Patrick:
Meredyth Malocsay:
Little Pete:

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