Saturday, April 25, 2009

Broken Speed Bar

Sunday was another incredible day of flying.  The energy was mellow and positive, the last day of free flying before the comp starts.  I was hoping to fly a route similar to a general task route, but broke my speed bar shortly after launching.  The winds were light, and I could have continued flying, but I was near a designated L.Z., so I drifted out over the valley, took a few pictures from the air and landed with some other pilots.

Another good warm-up day.

At launch:

Nate Scales directly in front of launch:

Do you see the P.G. dots?
Looking SE back towards launch:
Nick Greece coming into the L.Z.:

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Unknown said...

Whoa! We're breathless! Where's the snow? Thanks for the great photos. We love you. Sheila and Dave