Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunset watching

I've decided to stop encouraging people to check out what an evening of paragliding at the crow is all about.

For some reason people can't relate to, or don't understand that an evening flight is a mellow, peaceful, and relaxing activity. When I tell people that I'm going to go fly, their faces often scrunch up and they usually say something lame and cliche like, "you are really crazy, do you know that?"

I'm changing my tactic. From now on, I will ask "Do you want to go for a mellow hike in the foothills and watch the sunset together?" Who doesn't like a warm gentle breeze, and a great view of the Boise river heading west as the sun sinks into the Oregon horizon? Seems like anyone could enjoy that sort of evening.

Even so, I'm convinced that I'm the only one in the entire valley that really actually enjoyed watching the sun sink into the horizon and the sky turning blaze orange this evening.

Me, two red-tails, and four vultures anyway...

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